Works with people who are after user-friendly, responsive websites that generate more leads through clear engaging content that appeals to their ideal customers. Established in 2008 to offer high quality affordable design to local business owners, who preferred to deal with the designer directly than an agency account manager.

Narjas Carrington

I specialise in brand identity design and own the business. Grew up in Washington DC, Vienna, Geneva, then London: always drawing, making stuff, then qualified at UCL in architecture. Joined global engineers Arup to 'shape a better world' through illustrated technical proposals that I produced in collaboration with civil engineering colleagues, which helped to win new work.

I live in Gloucester with my three-man family and a cat. This is where websites are built with lovingly-crafted logos, and infographics researched :)

Technical skills, creative flair, and a love of languages is the blend that led Dyson to approach me earlier this year to help build the website for their biggest global product launch.


  • Understand
  • Keep it simple
  • Be remarkable.


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