My story

Hello – I’m Narjas Carrington.

I’ve always been fascinated by identity. As a third culture kid – born to a German mother and a Pakistani father – I grew up learning to stand out while fitting in.

I’ve experienced the richness of life around the world, moving to the UK as a student at the tender age of 18. I developed an adaptable, flexible, questioning nature as a result of my life experience – and it’s this approach that sets me apart from other designers.

Getting started

After studying architecture, I began my career providing graphic design services for engineers and architects – and it’s working for technical businesses that really inspires me.

Just as we’re unique as individuals, our businesses have their own distinct image and personality. I love to get under the skin of my clients’ businesses – to understand their reasons for being, and what makes them tick, so I can help them develop their own unique brand identity.

I launched Inklings in 2008 to provide high-quality design and branding services to small business owners and start-ups with limited budgets, who wanted a reliable, affordable alternative to larger design agencies.

Moonlighting for Inklings and daylighting for Dyson keeps me busy – and busy is where I do my best work. It also means I catch up with my client emails during the evenings or at weekends – if that suits you, let’s talk.

Clients I work with