I might be a while...

Yes. Last time I posted was end of 2015. No. I haven't dropped off of the face of The Earth, though a lot has happened in that time.

Got an opportunity to work at Dyson in Malmesbury in January last year—the then top secret Dyson Supersonic hair dryer; a must-have product for Hair care and Beauty professionals the world over. What a privilege to have had a chance to work on a responsive website with a newly freshly formed and dedicated content team to launch this brand-new product in a brand-new category by the April launch date, across the world simultaneously!

My job involved editing website content as one of small team of Content Editors. We added the approved copy and images into 35 languages across 50 markets worldwide. The site has been updated since launch, adding the Dyson Supersonic Professional pages for salons and hairdressers. The interactive video auto-play was another feature that many markets have since removed. See the UK version of the site, here: https://www.dyson.co.uk/haircare/supersonic/overview.aspx

So yes, I'm still here. Here as in iNKLiNGS, but also here as in Dyson. I am currently contracting in Malmesbury during 9-to-5 but the nights belong to Narjas Carrington at iNKLiNGS!

My business is alive and kicking it's just taking a more gentle pace. And I tend to service my existing clients and referrals. Which suits my creative clockings.

Another change that's happened since the last blog, is that iNKLiNGS has become a mobile only business. BYE bye landline, hello flexibility!