We *do* do web – ask us for more info :)

We now offer affordable Wordpress websites, yey!

Now you can focus on simply publishing to the web – your products, posts, articles, and work – without getting involved in the Wordpress build itself. Plus, your new mobile-friendly website will get you on Google with a 'shop window' that will look great on any screen. You are in control of your content, so you can update it as often as you like without asking me!

If you are a small business owner who isn't keen on the technical Wordpress stuff under the hood, you can rely on my hosts to handle all the basic hosting admin tasks such as:

  • installing WordPress
  • security
  • speed
  • Wordpress updates
  • daily backups
  • website uptime
  • scalability

I work with a trusted UK managed hosting company based in Wales in the UK, to deliver and cleanly build your website, making sure that your Wordpress site stays safe and updated while your domain reamins active. My web provider partner also provides any technical support via a ticketing service so that I can help you with any bespoke requirements.

This means you can edit your own web content without employing a designer to make small changes for you, every time you want to update something.

Never worry again about backing up your website. All updates to Wordpress happen in the background, so you can get on with what you want to say.

Find out more about my website design services.

This article was updated on 21st August 2019 to include more detail about the managed Wordpress hosting that I offer, and what that means for the customer.

Source: https://stratushomefinance.co.uk/